Information for Schools


OHM stands for “Optimizing Human Movement” we strive and take pride in enriching lives, to promote mental and physical development. We also build confidence through sports and fitness to all children in all communities in a fun, educational and active environment all for an affordable price.

OHM can offer you the following types of activities to your school:

  • Before-school, Lunchtime and After-school club (variety of sports)
  • PPA Cover
  • PE cover
  • Nursery and Playgroup support

(We also provide bespoke packages to meet your specific needs)

In addition, OHM enjoys helping the schools we work in with their sports day planning and management, we can also look to rent/hire out your facilities for external development and activities, if required OHM can also help with in-school training aimed at helping and supporting the teachers.

Why choose us?

OHM’s mission is to help the community through the means of sports and fitness education and includes a series of well-planned sessions to help build focus, and self-confidence in children. We embrace different methods to educate children about sports, nutrition, and healthy habits. We have coached a variety of children from schools in-and-around the area of London using these bespoke techniques. Our coaches are all industry professionals, passionate about their job, experienced, and are all DBS checked.

We give a tremendous amount of focus towards improving the children’s mood and attention spans to the point where it is clearly noticed within their school and home environments. OHM works as an extension to your existing school staff.

We can offer you a bespoke package at an affordable price.

We would like the opportunity to come and personally show you a sample of what we have to offer, via a FREE taster sessions offer.