You can book online by following the steps below:

⦁ To register, click on the ‘Book now’ button, then click ‘Register’. You will then need to give a few details about yourself and enter a password that you wish to use for your online account. Once you have submitted this you will receive an email which will enable you to register your child/ren’s details and make a booking. Once registered you can book your sessions at any time by clicking ‘book now’ and then entering your email address and the password. You will then be taken to your online account where you can check upcoming bookings, outstanding payments and make new bookings.
⦁ If you need assistance one of our Administration team will be happy to help on 07539 110 969

⦁ Please ensure you read our terms and conditions before making any booking.
⦁ All bookings are subject to availability.
⦁ The person making the booking accepts the booking conditions on behalf of all on the booking/registration forms.
⦁ Bookings can be taken online right up until the club starts subject to availability. If parents arrive with children who are not booked in, you may unfortunately be turned away.
⦁ You may book by telephone, using telephone number 07539 110 969 please note there is a £5.00 administration charge per booking.
⦁ You can just turn up on the day, please note you may be turned away if the camp is full.
⦁ Credit/Debit Card: we accept all types of cards and make no charge for card payments.  You can find out more about the new government schemes to help with childcare costs at
⦁ Childcare Vouchers: we accept childcare vouchers. Please contact Administration on 07539 110 969
if you require assistance with these and to ensure with are registered with your provider.

⦁ Tax Free Childcare: we accept Tax Free Childcare. Please contact Administration on 07539 110 969 if you require assistance with this.

OHM Sports & Fitness are an Ofsted registered childcare provider; you therefore may be able to subsidise the cost of using an OHM Sports & Fitness Ofsted registered club through one of the following:

  • Childcare Vouchers– Childcare Vouchers allow employers to help their employees with the cost of childcare. Childcare Vouchers are exempt from National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and Income Tax for employees up to the value of £55 per week, which can mean savings of over £2000 a year for a couple who are both working. OHM Sports & Fitness accept all childcare vouchers.  Al employers are able to run a childcare voucher scheme (they make savings too).  Please speak to your employer for details on this.


  • Working Tax Credit– Nine out of ten families could save up to 80% of childcare costs through Working Tax Credit. For more information call 0845 300 3900 or visit Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert fame has also produced a very user friendly section on paying for childcare on his website, which includes a tax credit eligibility calculator


  • HAF - Holiday provision is for children who receive benefits-related free school meals.

Local authorities have been asked to ensure that the offer of free holiday club provision is available for all children eligible for and in receipt of free school meals in their area. This does not mean they are all required to attend as the provision is voluntary.

The free holiday club places are targeted at children who are eligible for and receiving benefits-related free school meals. It is also offered to children who are considered by the local authority as vulnerable or in need of this provision. This may include, for example:

  • children assessed as being in need
  • looked-after children
  • children with an EHC plan (education, health and care)
  • children assessed as otherwise vulnerable
  • children living in areas of high deprivation


Please contact your local authority for further information.

Please ensure you have registered through your local authority if required. The next step is to book your child(ren)’s place via your local council’s booking website! 

If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our Administration team.

OHM Sports & Fitness accept all types of childcare vouchers and tax free childcare.  This can be full or part payment towards a booking. The childcare voucher company you use will depend on which one your employer is registered with.  Please speak to them to find out which voucher company you use. If it is not on our list then please contact OHM Sports & Fitness Head Office so we can register ourselves with them. Most childcare voucher companies provide parent access to pay online via their website. 

Please see our payment document for more information on how to pay using childcare vouchers.  This document includes a list of all the childcare voucher companies and our unique reference number required to make your payment to us.

Just add your provider name and the amount you would like to pay. But please don’t forget to arrange payment through the provider – using your parent ID number as the payment ref.

If you are paying by Tax Free Childcare, please inform us of your reference number when making your first booking so we can allocate the payment to your account when we receive it.

On our Multi-activity Camp days we will do a range of activities throughout the day, this may include arts & crafts, workshops from outside providers and sport.

You will need to pay for the sessions as you book them.

To enable us to provide a quality service, we require payment in full.

Once you have made a booking and payment has been made you will receive an email confirmation.

We offer comprehensive discount for parents who have more than one child.

If a child is not attending a scheduled day on camp, parents/carers must telephone the administration line on 07539 110 969 to allow us to update records.

You can either book 09.00am till 3.00pm or we offer an extended day 09.00 till 5.00pm.

We operate a secure drop off and collection system. A parent/guardian must sign all children in/out each day.

Comfortable & suitable shoes for activities that they will be moving about in. Wear loose fitting clothing (e.g. a tracksuit, t-shirt, top - shorts if it’s warm enough). A healthy packed lunch (nut free please) with 2 healthy snacks. A water bottle – don’t worry if children drink it all, we provide extra water.

No, please provide a healthy packed lunch (nut free please) with 2 healthy snacks. A water bottle – don’t worry if children drink it all, we provide extra water.

Lunch will be provided if you qualify for the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme.

Please can parents and guardians inform us of any allergies that their child(ren) have before they attend one of our camps so that the team can take all necessary precautions.  OHM Sports & Fitness also run a NO NUTS policy at their camps.

There is always someone at camp who will be first aid trained, who will be dealing with all potential accidents. As well as this, all venues have their own first aid provisions.

Our teams are extremely busy throughout the day ensuring that all of our campers are having the best time, so we would encourage you to speak with our team at collection time to get some feedback on how your child’s day was. If you really need to get in touch with the camp, you are able to do this by calling or emailing the camp directly using the contacts we’ll send you the week before camp starts.

Please telephone the Administration line on 07539 110 969, who will contact the Camp to inform a member of the team.

Any child requiring medication, including inhalers, cannot attend until we have our own supply of the medication.  OHM Sports & Fitness can only administer prescribed medication. Please ensure you hand any medication required to the Club Manager with permission to Administer Medicine form. If your child requires regular medication, we recommend that you supply the Club with extra medication which can be stored to avoid regular transfer.

We obviously understand that sometimes things happen that can affect it being possible to pick up your child on time. If you are 5-10 minutes late to collect we will call you to find out what the situation is and hopefully resolve the situation. For late pick-ups over 30 minutes we operate a ‘3 strikes’ policy. If you are more than 30 minutes late to collect your child(ren) three times within the space of a year then we will no longer be able to accept bookings for your children to attend our camps.

We do not offer refunds if your child is sick or you have changed your plans. If we are given 24 hours’ notice then you will be able to carry days forward to use at a future date. Please email: for further details. If you book the wrong day by mistake we will move you across to your chosen date without additional charge.

We need at least 24 hours’ notice to change or amend your booking. If you let us know before this time then you can change days or use them at a different venue. You can even carry them over to the following holiday if you wish.

All of our staff goes through a rigorous screening process. This will ensure that all staff are highly qualified with full security checks in place. So yes, all staff will be DBS checked.

OHM Sports & Fitness Ltd has full operating policies and procedures including safeguarding, health & safety, inclusion, behaviour, etc. Please request a copy at the following email address;

Our Activity Camps welcome children aged 4 – 16 for a full day of active fun.  We also offer a junior coach programme for 12-16 year olds.

Please be aware that camps occasionally take photographs/video footage of children on camp for promotional reasons. Please speak to our coaches and children can be opted out if you wish.

From time to time, we may need to change venues, dates, activities for reasons within or outside our control. 

Activities are subject to change in the event of unsuitable weather or other circumstances beyond our control.  

In exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel particular dates at a venue, and in this event, we will try to give those booked onto the programme at least 14 days’ notice and will offer a suitable alternative if one is available, or refund all monies paid for the dates cancelled, if preferred.

OHM Sports & Fitness has a responsibility for ensuring the well-being and safety of all children in our care and have approved procedures for managing behaviour.  The company follows a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying and persistent poor behaviour of any kind, irrespective of any special needs.  On rare occasions, and in more serious cases, we reserve the right to ask parents to remove children from camp either for the remainder of the day (part exclusion), or for the rest of the season (full exclusion). No refund will be made for any remaining days booked, and any costs associated with the exclusion will be the parents’ responsibility. We reserve the right to exclude a child at any time prior to or during a session due to illness.  The parent/carer will be expected to come and collect their child.

OHM Sports & Fitness are fully inclusive and we try to support all children.  It is important that we are fully informed of any child with additional needs so we can try and support him/her in the best way possible. The best way to do this is by notifying us at point of booking.

Please ensure all of your children’s belongings are named, this makes it easier for staff to identify any lost property items and ensure that they are returned to their owner straight away. If you realise your child has misplaced an item whilst the camp is still open please contact the camp straight away and you can agree a time that is best for you to collect it.